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How To Tag

  • Click here to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.
  • Please  check clothing for stains, holes, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers, fading etc. Clothes should be freshly laundered, pressed and neatly hung.
  • Toys and baby equipment should be clean, complete, working and include  batteries (if applicable).
  • Games and puzzles must include ALL pieces and be in box/plastic bag. Tape shut with clear packing tape.
  • Place small parts and accessories belonging to items in Ziploc/plastic bag. Tape bag shut. Fasten bag securely to the item with clear packing tape or small zip ties. Items must include ALL parts
  • You may group several items together (toys, rattles, puzzles, books, etc.) in a ziploc bag. Secure bag shut with clear tape.
  • Use ONLY clear packing tape to attach tags to books. Do not use scotch or masking tape.
  • Items may be placed into multiple bags and secured together with clear packing tape.
  • Multi piece items that will not fit into a bag may be attached together with zip ties.

Gather Supplies

1. Hangers: Available at local dollar stores, Walmart or start hanging on to your dry cleaning hangers and children’s plastic hangers.

2. Cardstock Paper: Use only white . Available at stationary or retail stores.  Regular white copy paper will NOT be accepted.

3. Safety pins: Use to secure clothing to hangers and to attach price tags.  You can also use a tagging gun to secure tags. Straight pins are not acceptable.

4. Clear Packing Tape: Use for toys, books, etc.

5. Zip top bags: Use for shoes and small parts.

6. Zip ties: Use for items with awkward pieces. Lowes, Home Depot and Staples have them.

Organize Items

  • Organize the items you are selling. The more organized you are, the quicker Drop Off will be! Sort your items by GENDER and SIZE before you start.

Get Ready!

  • Wash, iron, repair buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do what is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items will not be accepted that do not meet our guidelines. Please CLEAN toys and equipment.

Enter Your Items!

  • Register to consign and then enter your items into our web-inventory system. THEN you will be able to print your tags within our system (tags will print out 10 to a page, please use card stock — a heavy paper

How to Use our Online Tagging System

Tot2TotShop uses an online barcode tagging system through our partner site MyConsignmentManager. This may sound a little intimidating , but it’s really VERY EASY.

  • To register for the upcoming sale (new or returning consignor), please click this link MyConsignmentManager  and follow the instructions.
  • You will set up an account with MyConsignmentManager and then register for the Tot2TotShop sale of your choice.
  • You will be assigned a  consignor number.
  • If you are a returning consignor, your consignor number will remain the same.  However, you will still need to log in, register and pay for each sale you want to participate in.
  • Consignors must schedule a drop-off time by clicking “Check-In” from the blue bar at the top of the page.

How to Create Your Tags

Once you have registered through our partner site MyConsignmentManager  for our Tot2TotShop sale you may begin entering your information to create a tag for each of your items. These tags will be printed out in the end – either as a group, or individually, whichever you prefer. Printing instructions are also included below.


1. Log In with your user name & password

2. Click on Enter Items

3. Begin Entering Your first item: Your Consignor ID is also your Seller # .

4. Under Consignment select the appropriate sale

5. From Size drop down menu select the Size of your item if applicable.  (Numerical only no S, M, L, XL) Maternity items should show S, M, L, or XL.

6. Next use the Description space to identify & sell your item! If a tag  becomes separated from an item, we use this description to put the two items  back together, this happens a lot!! You can also use the space to sell your  item. Is it a name brand? If so, list the name brand in this space. If the  item is New or Like New, list that information there too. If an item is marked  one size but wears like another, point that out. For larger items, it may be  beneficial to point out the item’s original or retail price. This may convince  the buyer of the great deal they will be getting.

7. Next you may choose to Discount – By clicking here you are indicating that  you want to sell your item for ½ price during the half priced sale on Sunday.

8. Now you may choose to Donate – Tell us what items you want to take home  with you after the sale. A “Yes” will indicate that you will NOT be taking  that item back home after the sale, and Tot2TotShop will be donating the item on  your behalf. NOTE: All items must be picked up during our posted pick-up hours  on Sunday or they will become the possession of Tot2TotShop and may be donated  regardless of what is indicated on the tag.  ALL remaining items are offered to the public at Dollar Dash.  Consignors do NOT earn commission on items sold during this portion of the sale.  Donations are made AFTER Dollar Dash.

9. Now it’s time to select a Price for your item– Minimum price must be $2 and  increase in $1 increments. Bundle items together if individually they cannot  be priced for $2 or more. Click here for more ideas about pricing your items.  For Pricing Help Click Here

10. Next, choose a category for your item from the dropdown menu.

11. Finally, select Add Item. Now your tag has been saved to your account and  you may continue this process for the remainder of your items.

12. This entire process will go very quickly. Once you have pressed “Add Item”  it has been added to your inventory. You can enter some or all of your items  at once, that is up to you. By selecting Manage Inventory you can view and/or  make changes to your tags.

13. You may also select Print Tags to print out the required barcoded tag to  attach to your item. You can choose to either print your tags all at once or  you can do a little bit at a time, it’s up to you. For most printers, you will need to feed your cardstock into the printer one page at a time. Each sheet will print 8 tags which you will need to cut apart on the lines as indicated on the page.

14. Do not make handwritten changes or corrections to your tags. Make a new  tag if you make a mistake or change your mind about a price.